BrainWave Utilities

BrainWave Utilities for Windows Shell Scripting

File Description File size Downloads
zip ChangeCase Change the Case of an Input String to Upper, Lower, Proper or Inverted
ChangeCase.exe v1.2.050 was released on 2018-04-05
113 KB 64
zip DateInfo Obtain and Calculate Date and Time values
DateInfo.exe v3.4.705 was released on 2018-03-25
136 KB 58
zip FileHash Generate SHA3/SHA2/SHA1/MD5 Hashes for Files, Folders and Text Strings
FileHash.exe v2.2.370 was released on 2018-04-08
261 KB 54
zip GetPrimeNumbers Generate List of Prime Numbers within a Range
GetPrimeNumbers.exe v1.3.198 was released on 2018-03-15
85 KB 54
zip MakeString Make Variable Length Strings Using Custom Characters
MakeString.exe v1.1.037 was released on 2018-01-06
58 KB 55
zip PrintFileInfo Display File Information for Executables and DLLs
PrintFileInfo.exe v1.3.035 was released on 2018-04-04
163 KB 54
zip RandomPass Generate Random Complex Passwords (and GUIDs)
RandomPass.exe v2.2.325 was released on 2018-01-06
266 KB 54
pdf Configuring the Script Repository How-To: Configure the BrainWave Script Repository
Instructions for customizing and deploying the BrainWave Script Repository in a new environment. (Last Updated on 2018-01-31)
546 KB 820
zip BrainWave Scripts Repository -- Scripts Only Full Scripts (Only) of the BrainWave Repository
BrainWave Repository Scripts with BrainWave Executables (plus a few opensource EXEs) - Last Updated on 2018-03-25
1 MB 53
zip BrainWave Scripts Repository w/Executables Full Scripts and Executables of the BrainWave Repository
BrainWave Repository Scripts with Full Set of Executables (many EXEs will be placeholder files) - Last Updated on 2018-03-25
9 MB 52