Windows Vista is finally here…

At the retail level, anyway.

And I am no closer to having it installed at home than I was a month ago, when I laid out my grand plans for software upgradesBig Smile

I have been heavily involved in a lot of projects lately, both at work and at church, so time management is crucial.  Let’s see what February brings!

Anyway, back to Vista.  As usual, there will be those that hate it, those that immediately like it, and those that wait until the first Service Pack (now rumored to be available in December 2007).   My prediction is that regardless of the sentiments expressed over the next few weeks, there will be a large number of people running it by the summer time, given that it will be the standard option on new systems.   I expect it to be extra sweet for laptops, which is my primary motivation for upgrading.

My current upgrade plan is to rebuild my desktop which is running the 32-bit edition of XP Pro, and install 64-bit Vista there.  (I’m already loving XP Pro x64 at work and on my laptop). Then, I’ll upgrade my laptop from XP Pro x64 directly to Vista x64, and if that goes fine, then I’ll do the same for my wife.   As the laptops are only a month old, they’re still in pristine condition, so no concerns there.

Next, will be Office 2007 — especially since my daughter bugged me about it again last night.  Smile    I’m almost finished the Exchange 2007 box, so that should be out of the way before I even begin the desktop side of the upgrade process…

Lots of technology to master, and so little time…

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