What a great weekend…

We had a fun time camping this weekend.   Except for a little rain on Saturday afternoon, the weather was gorgeous, and we even got to see a good bit of stars on Friday and Saturday night.  Friday night was a bit better, because it was less hazy.

This was our church’s annual Spiritual Retreat weekend, and it was especially enriching this year.  I’ll get into those details in another post.

Sunday was roasting hot, so we went into the water after packing up all the camping gear.  I managed to take a few pictures over the weekend, especially on Saturday afternoon when the youngsters decided to catch a few small salamanders.

They had a great time, and learned a whole lot.   The swimming thing didn’t work out so well for the boys…  We’re going to have to get them some lessons, as they can’t deal with the water (despite clamoring to go into the lake all day Saturday…)

We were much better about packing for this year’s camping trip — especially breaking down the tents to go home.  Can’t wait until these youngsters can help out  more…  🙂

Now, we’re off to our next Adventure…


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