We’re in full swing, now…

Okay, it looks like I was able to get everything working on the site in terms of Community Server modules.

I even got the Community-Credit add-on to work, although I’m not sure why the behavior was different with my home system and my publicly hosted one.  (A couple of thoughts come to mind, but I’ll test them out later.)

By mid-September, I expect to have finished installing all of the modules that my site needs — at least for the time being.  Big Smile     Next step is to get a few Windows Live Writer plug-ins installed as well.

Sometime later this week, perhaps, I’ll post the full set of modules that I’m using or plan to use.   Now that things are working pretty much the way I need them, I’ll focus my efforts on getting up to speed on both PowerShell and C#, which I have been meaning to do for some time.

Maybe I should build a time machine first!

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