Weekend with Nature

This weekend, we’re going camping.  We, as in my entire family.   Actually, to be more precise, every year, our church has one Spiritual Retreat Weekend where we go off to the woods for a nice, semi-quiet time with nature.   I say “semi-quiet” because we bring the young-uns with us, and some of them are adept at noise making. 

In any event, we had lots of fun last year, we expect to have a great time outdoors again this year.  The campsite will again be Stokes State Forest, and this time I’m getting there early enough to setup in a good spot.   Last year was our first time camping as a family, and there were some very interesting lessons learned.  🙂

My only concern is that we have been experiencing an inordinate amount of rain this summer — so much so that I’m tempted to build an ark.   It’s pouring outside even as I write this.   Hopefully, we’ll have a dry time this weekend.  All current indications from the meteorologists appears to be good, for whatever that happens to be worth.

I expect to have lots of pictures which I’ll try to post by Monday or Tuesday.  I have a backlog of photos to post to the site anyway, but I’ll try and keep the current stuff going, and push the historical stuff into the queue somewhere.

Anyhoo, we are hoping for a good time, and less complaints from some family members about bugs…  🙂

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