Vista: Here it comes…

Or rather, there it goes — off to manufacturing.

It will be very interesting to see how stable Windows Vista is in real-world deployments, but it is certainly is a highly anticipated release of the Windows operating system.

So, is the world ready for Vista?  We’ll soon find out.  At least, some folks will find out by the end of November, namely the OEMs.  Retails customers will have to wait until the end of January 2007.  I’ll deploy it after my ActionPack subscription rolls in sometime early next year.

The article makes a key note about the length of time between OS releases:

Vista has been five years in the making, and represents the longest lag time between releases of Windows in Microsoft’s history. The company has said that it does not expect the development of the next release of Windows to take nearly as long as this one did. Although Microsoft is not committing to timetables, company officials have said that they are targeting a time frame closer to two years than five years for the next OS release.

Let the games begin…

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