The wonders of Pando: Making email attachments easy

If you haven’t tried Pando yet, you really need to.  It’s currently in open beta, and is a technology for sending large attachments (as large a 1GB) to recipients with the simplicity of email.  It uses a mix of email and peer-to-peer technologies to perform its magic.

I’ve been using it for over a year now, it has been a major blessing.  I can easily send my parents multimegabytes worth of digital data, usually pictures, via email without worrying about clogged mailboxes or annoyed ISPs.   And it has proven to b so straightforward that I have rarely had to give detailed instructions on its usage to any of the recipients.

Now, according to the Pando blog, there will shortly be a Pando plug-in for Microsoft Outlook available for beta testing.  Here is a snippet of that post:


Ready for something slick? If you’re like me, you live in Outlook at work and prefer to just attach files to an email normally, regardless of their size. Your day is coming. On the heels of our popular Yahoo! Messenger Plug-in, we’re gearing up to beta test our new Pando Plug-in for Microsoft® Outlook.

This plug-in lets you email files and entire folders, up to 1GB in size, directly from Outlook. The plug-in detects when your attachments exceed a size limit you define and automatically offers to insert a small .pando file in their place. Recipients simply open the attachment to start a direct p2p transfer, completely bypassing both attachment-limited email servers. Get this — if you’re on the same LAN with your recipients, you’re in for a treat; blazing-fast LAN speed tranfers! Here in the office we get over 3MB/s. That’s email reinvented. (Pando already works this way)

Signup is free, and the benefits are tremendous and immediate.  This is one great use for P2P capabilities, from a company that is all about legitimate traffic.

With the Outlook plug-in, it will make it even easier to send messages which have large attachments without changing anything about the process. For those who clog up their email servers with files that might be better sent via other means, this might prove to be the start of a wonderful solution…

Do yourself a huge favor and download Pando today!


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