Software Updates – FileHash.exe – v2.7.0.510

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An update to FileHash.exe has been released as of November 27, 2018.

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2018-11-27 — Version

Recent updates include the following:

  • Default behavior changed so that if no files are found in a -d (–dir) search, then the “No Files Found in …” message is sent to StdErr only, rather than to StdOut or other output files
  • Added the -w (-showzero) option to revert to the old behavior for “No Files Found in …”
  • Corrected the -a (–append) option so that it will create the file if it does not already exist.
  • Updated to the most recent version of the HashLib4Pascal crypto library (v2.9)
  • Reduced executable file sizes by selecting subset of crypto library functions
  • Changed the routine for searching for a file with the -L (–LIST) parameter in order to properly detect files like pagefile.sys
  • Created a 64-bit executable (FileHash64) in addition to the standard 32-bit executable

PLEASE NOTE:  The 64-bit version of FileHash is faster than the 32-bit edition when dealing with a large number of files, or files of a large size.  Additionally, the 64-bit version will be able to track both %SystemRoot%\System32 and %SystemRoot%\SysWoW64 folders, whereas the 32-bit edition (as with all other 32-bit utilities) will be redirected to SysWoW64 when directed to System32.

See the Change Log for FileHash for more details…

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