Software Updates – DateInfo.exe – v4.1.1.870

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An update to DateInfo.exe has been released as of February 19, 2019.

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2019-02-19 — Version

Recent updates include the following:

  • Fixed a couple of bugs
  • Corrected the HELP entries for both -x and -z which showed that -e was allowed, but really it is -f
  • Added/corrected the input validation for the time entries supplied for the -x and -z parameters
  • Added a new parameter (–Use-Hours) to evaluate the time used by -z and -x from a hh:mm standpoint (default)
  • Added a new parameter (–Use-Seconds) to evaluate the time used by -z and -x from a mm:ss standpoint
  • These two options come into play when the time provided is ambiguous (e.g. xx:yy rather than xx:yy:zz)
  • If xx.yyy is used for the -x or -z options, the time will be evaluated as though –Use-Seconds was enabled
  • Added some more variables for –Script-Variables, including the bitness (x64 vs x86) of the current OS
  • Banner version info updated to output x86 for 32-bit executable and x64 for 64-bit executable
  • Banner information is now output to Standard Error (StdErr) rather than Standard Output (StdOut)
  • Made changes to the Error Codes (please adjust any scripts which were relying on these ExitCodes)
  • The combination of -h and -v will display the Error Code information

PLEASE NOTE:  Changes shown in blue above will be applied to other utilities when they are next updated.  These are features which will be synchronized across the entire code base.    These utilities are written with Lazarus and FreePascal.

See the Change Log for DateInfo for more details…

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