Scorching Fast Video Cards

nVidia has released it’s next generation card family, the 8800 series, and the reviews are looking great!  Sure, I’m not personally going to be purchasing a $450 or $600 video card, but for those who were previously contemplating SLIconfigurations, this sort of cost is much better than the price of two previous-generation (or, should I say current-generation, since it might be a little hard to get ones hands on an 8800 GTS or GTX card for a while?)

These new GPUs sport a new architecture that is more flexible than in previous generations, in that rather than having dedicated pixel shaders or vertex shaders, they provide slightly more generic processors that can be converted on the fly to serve either role, allowing even current games to take advantage of whichever of the two they need to use more, while minimizing the underutilization that can occur in a fixed processor configuration.

And these are DirectX 10 / Vista ready products.  We’ll have to see what ATI(under AMD management) brings to the table by Jan/Feb…

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