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Not from me… Big Smile   See me again in 5 or so years, and perhaps I will have learned enough to be of service to someone in this capacity…

No, I’m talking about sites and magazines that I read regularly.  One of my favorite blogs to read is Advice Line by Bob Lewis.  I’ve always liked his articles and commentary, which is generally right on point, without excessive fluff.  The advice found in both CIO Magazine and CIO Decisions are also very helpful.

Overall, though, when it comes to management and career information for techies, I don’t think there’s quite enough focus on good reading material.  Over the past year, I’ve been reading lots of good material from the Harvard Business Review, particularly their series on career development called:

The Results-Driven Manager Series

It’s definitely one of my Recommended Reading items, along with some others on my technology consulting website.

This morning, I started reading Why Smart Executives Fail” by Sydney Finkelstein,  which provides some very interesting insight into what causes organizations, led by often brilliant leaders, to take disasterous diversions from success.

The case studies are incredible, and I’ve only scratched the surface on this book.  My question is: How many people will read this and swear that it only applies to someone else?

I only bring this up because there’s a whole lot of material that gets written about various things in management and technology, yet we see plenty of examples that they are only embraced (or, at the very least, followed) by a small subset of the populace, and that most simply pay lip services, if they pay any attention at all.

One thing I’ve already picked up from the book is that many of the characteristics we like in our leaders are also the very traits that can lead to spectacular failure…

More to say when I’ve finished… (and I really need to put together my favorite book list…)

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