PowerShell RC2 is available…

Sort of.

Perhaps, within a couple of hours it will really be available, but right now, all I can point you to is a link from Microsoft that says it is available.  It doesn’t look like it has been posted (or replicated, as the case might be) as yet.

A draft of the release notes can be found on the PowerShell Team Blog site, which shows that ADSI functionality made it into this build of PowerShell, but it looks like Remote Registry is still only available via direct .NET calls.

What I need is better options for dealing with text files so that I can easily replicate the following Windows Shell functionality that I frequently use in my scripts:

FOR /F “TOKENS=1-4” %%V IN (C:\Temp\Input.TXT) DO ECHO %%V %%W %%X %%Y

I have to play with it some more.  Perhaps I’m just missing something…


As of 11am ET on the Sep 27th, Microsoft has quite a few broken links with regards to PowerShell RC2.

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