New Features are on the way…

I can hardly wait for the new release of Community Server — version 2.1.

According to the CS Monthly Bulletin, it is expected sometime toward the end of this month, which means I should be able to update my installations at home and work by mid August.   (I’m going to be quite busy in July — more on that later).

Looks like some really good features are available, including one that I wanted:  Tags for forum posts.   This will be a significant aid in searching and cataloging posts, and will be extremely useful to me when it comes to migrating my Knowledgebase to the Forum format…

Here’s an excerpt from that post:

The new tagging feature in Community Server 2.1 gives you new ways to organize and distribute site content. Tags are much like categories, but are more flexible and provide you with new capabilities not available through categorization alone. Tagging became part of our modern vernacular with the popularity of sites like and Technorati, giving users the ability to organize, access and—more importantly—share information in new ways.

I think I’m going to have fun with this… 🙂

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