My Career Objectives

Over the past decade, I have also been responsible for architecting key technology solutions and managing technology staff.  Along the way, I have had great success in streamlining the IT Operations of various organizations, in order to maximize the value that IT brings to the business through lowered operational risk, and improved operational efficiencies.

I am an experienced, hands-on Technology Manager who has designed, deployed, securely maintained the technology infrastructure of companies large and small, in various capacities from Consultant, to Systems Administrator, to IT VP.

Despite the constant temptation to deploy technology for technology’s sake, I am always on the lookout for technology-based solutions that bring something extra to the business, whether it is solving a problem that was previously unsolvable, or improving on existing processes, or extending an existing solution into a realm that adds new revenue streams (or protects old ones).  After all, at the end of the day, we’re either cutting costs, or adding revenue, and the latter often presents better long-term benefits for all concerned.

I am looking for a dynamic, forward-thinking organization that would benefit from my knowledge and experience in providing significant and positive IT contributions to the bottom line.   I look forward to playing a significant role in designing and deploying secure business solutions, integrating both proven tools and cutting-edge technologies as appropriate.

IT Management opportunities that allow at least 50% hands-on focus are best.

A condensed version of my resume can be found here:

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