More CommunityServer fun…

Well, a second beta is available for CommunityServer version 2.1, and it’s looking very good.   I’m running it on my internal server at home, but I haven’t upgraded my public site (this one) or my Intranet installation at work as yet.  I’ll wait for the full release before I do that.  (Notice how tentative you can get when everything is deemed mission critical?)

It looks like my earlier enthusaism for the upcoming release was captured in a Community Server Daily News release back on July 10th. Even though it seems that there were no plans originally to update or add any new CS Skins, they did manage to add 4 new ones which are pretty cool.

I really need to get my site updated, if only to make use of tagging.  This will be a huge upgrade from the current categorization options, and really make it easy for me to upgrade my Knowledgebase to the CS Forums.   I’ve also been playing with some skinning modifications by way of CSS overrides, and I was able to make some cool changes thanks to tips listed by various CommunityServer luminaries, including J-O Eriksson.

This is one of the better tech communities that I have had the pleasure of being part of…

I’m hoping that the planned Skinning functionality of the subsequent CS v2.2 release will be as easy to use at the Themes Editor in Microsoft FrontPage 2003.

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