Microsoft makes Vista concessions

Otherwise known as Vista vs the EU and the World: Part Three

Here’s a follow-up to my earlier  and  posts, where I noted I greatly preferred a stronger, more secure base OS, even if that inhibited some functionality for third-party security tools.

As seen in the following articles, Microsoft is apparently trying to minimize whatever opposition it can to Vista’s release by making several concessions, only some of which have been requested by various parties such as the EUOEMs, and those good and noble security vendors.

Microsoft appears to be moving (or juggling) as many obstacles as it can to show good faith, and ensure that it doesn’t have any major, ongoing opposition to its upcoming flagship operating system.  Sometimes, I think that they deliberately chose a tough initial approach so that if they are forced to fall back, they can avoid losing too much ground, and appear magnanimous in doing so.

Whatever the ultimate driver behind these changes, everyone will be keeping an eye on the situation to see how they are received by the regulatory bodies, primarily, but also by Microsoft’s rivals.  I expect that many of these rivals have gotten more than they bargained for.  These days, with vulnerabilities being exposed more in the application layer than the OS layer, and with vulnerabilities being increasingly found in security software itself, Symantec and McAfee need to make sure their own houses are in order before casting stones at Microsoft.

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