Major Holiday Upgrades

First of all, I hope that everyone has had a very enjoyable Christmas with friends and family.  I know that the holidays aren’t always pleasant for everyone, but I hope that this year has been especially good for everyone.

I finally have some free time this week.  Things have been very hectic the past few months, but this week I’m going to be able to focus on some upgrades for the home network.  I’m finally replacing some dying (or dead) motherboards, making the move to gigabit networking on the LAN, and bringing a couple of new laptops online.

I might even find a moment to make a move to Exchange 2007.  Maybe.  If not this week, then sometime before the end of January 2007.  My move to 64-bit Vista will take place in January or February.

Overall, these upgrades are going to make my network AMD-heavy, where today it’s about 50-50 AMD vs Intel.

Once I get these systems online, I’ll go and update the networking diagrams…

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