Fun with Website Upgrades (Community Server)

There’s a reason why you shouldn’t generally perform website upgrades in the middle of the night, when sleep is calling you.

The good folks over at Telligent surprised me today by releasing Community Server 2.1 just hours after I’d upgraded my corporate site over to v2.1 RC1, thinking they wouldn’t get the release version out for a few more days yet.   Clearly, I’d wasted a thought.

So, I decided to upgrade both of my personal websites (the internal one from v2.1 RC1, and this public one from v2.0 SP1).  Having upgraded my internal site through each of the betas, I knew what parts I needed to change, and based on some really good posts from the Telligent team, I had the tools I needed (FileZillaand Beyond Compare).

It only took me about 15 minutes to download the release code, prepare my new folder, and make my changes, and I pushed it to my internal server with hardly a peep.  Yes!        Then, I decided to push it to my external server as well.     Simultaneously, I updated the database server, and watched the files upload.   (I had a brief issue with the file uploading, but that was using a different FTP client.  I immediately switched to FileZilla, and that upload blazed).

An hour or so later (I was busy watching TV with the wife) I came back to find everythng finished.  Nice.   I tried to logon to the website, and got nothing but a big, fat error.


Everything worked perfectly before on the internal server!   What was wrong?

It took me another 5 minutes of poking around and seeing which specific parts of the website were broken or functional before it dawned on me that there was a reason why I hadn’t shared the same tree for both inside and external sites previously.    Embarrassed

Yes, I had to publish the proper Web.Config file with the proper database connectivity string for my external site, and now everything is golden.    After all these years, you’d think I’d know better than to perform critical upgrades at midnight…

Sigh…     I guess not.

It’s all good now, though, so I won’t complain too much.    Tomorrow will be another day, and I have some tags to add to some posts…

Thanks again, Telligent.     Except for a minor PEBCAK incident, this was another flawless upgrade!  Big Smile

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