Finally, the Telcos are feeling the heat!

I just saw a report that Verizon has been busy laying down fiber in New York in order to stem the tide of defections to rival cable services, such as Time Warner Cable and CableVision.  And it serves them right.

The Telcos have been sitting on better bandwidth for the longest time, and it has taken significant encroachment by the Cable Providers — especially now that Voice over IP (VoIP) services are ready and available from a variety of vendors — to get them energized to upgrade their infrastructures.   I was able to get 15mb/sec (downstream) bandwith from CableVision for my church for a MUCH better price than Verizon would dare to offer.  Much better price AND much better speed.

Now that folks are getting VoIP is getting prevalent, and all the major cable providers are bundling it with their Internet services, the Telcos are losing their bread and butter income.  Let’s see if they come with competitive pricing after laying down all this fiber, or if they foolishly try to recoup all their R&D from the first 10 customers…

I can’t wait until they offer it in my neck of the woods, as it will add a much needed level of competition to the Internet Broadband scene…

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