Comparing Software Stacks: OpenSource vs .NET

Recently, eWeek conducted a comparison of software stacks: OpenSource software running on Linux, vs Microsoft’s .NET combination.   They also tested PHP, Apache and MySQL running on Windows, the so-called “WAMP” stack.  🙂

The first link is from eWeek, and the second from Linux-Watch:

Some interesting conclusions were reached, as summarized below from the Linux-Watch article:

What I and the eWEEK Labs crew found especially interesting, though, was that the combination of open-source components and Server 2003 also produced good results. No one expected that.

The Labs ‘WAMP’ stacks were made up of Windows Server 2003, Apache, MySQL, and the PHP-based XOOPS; Plone running on Windows Server 2003 R2; and JBoss and MySQL on Windows Server 2003. They did quite well at average transactions per second and download tests. They were, at best however, only OK at average hits per second and in average throughput.

It should make for some interesting developments going forward, from both camps.

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