July 4, 2006

Space Shuttle Discovery has launched…

So far, so good. We just watched the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery — the first time a shuttle launch has occured on the 4th […]
July 7, 2006

Teen struck by lightning…

He’s extremely lucky to be alive, although he probably doesn’t feel like that right now.   Apparently, the storm was a bit closer than he first believed. […]
August 27, 2006

Where are you, planet Earth?

Ah, the relativeness of size in space…   Just this week, on my Admin Off-Topic mailing list, someone posted the following link about the relative size of the planets […]
December 9, 2006

Looking for the next CPU breakthrough…

The folks at MIT have made some serious progress in the search for the replacement material for silicon in transistors. One of the materials being discussed, according […]