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I have to admit that I am having lots of fun with this site make-over.     Yeah, yeah, let’s not talk about how long overdue it was.  Suffice it to say, I’ve been busy.

The CommunityServer software is just awesome.  I’m so glad I came across this.

Interestingly enough, my purpose for this software was not for this purpose — I was willing to go to a custom built solution in order to renovate my websites.  Instead, I came across the CommunityServer forums when searching for an application to use as an IT Operations Change Management and Knowledgebase platform.   Having used very many forums for IT Support over the years, it seemed like a natural fit to get something like that.

For various reasons, though, I wanted it to run on Windows.  We tried some other products that proved interesting and had some nice functionality, but they also had some interesting drawbacks, and that made it hard to gain adoption from my IT Support Team.  

Although a great many people like them, I can’t stand the layout of the phpBB-style forums.   I’ve been much happier with the DelphiForums-style layout.

To make it more flexible for my staff to manage and maintent, I went in search of various ASP and ASP.NET forums.   Just when I was about to settle on Snitz Forums (which I have used previously), I saw a link to CommunityServer and fell in love with v1.0, which I installed at home.   I was sold.  I migrated to v1.1, and through the various 2.0 beta and RC releases.

Now, I have an awesome repository of information for our various Technology Teams, and also an excellent platform for moving my personal homepage and Knowledgebase

Version 2.0 is especially nice because of the improved look, the new functionality, and the ease of administration.  I’m just waiting for a couple more features and then I’ll really be set!!   (How about a way to export the forum layout and permissions?)

The photo and file galleries are just icing on the cake.  So far, the previews I’ve seen of v2.1 will continue the trend of added value, and I eagerly await that update.  

Can’t wait to see what new skins are available…

Telligent:  Please keep up the great work…

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