Black Hat Briefings: NAC solutions vulnerable to attack

Network World is reporting that various NAC solutions vulnerable to attackbased on a presentation at this year’s Black Hat Conference.
A snippet of the report from the link is provided below:

 In a presentation at this year’s Black Hat Briefings conference in Las Vegas, Arkin raised questions about the efficacy of NAC technologies from vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Symantec, saying the current generation of NAC solutions are riddled with holes that make it easy for hackers to circumvent their protections.  A Cisco executive acknowledged that the technology has a ways to go before it provides comprehensive protection.

Clearly, Network Access Control (NAC) and Network Access Protection (NAP)while somewhat desirable in principle, are still immature and emerging technoloies within the security space, and my guess is that they won’t be sufficiently robust for another 12-18 months.
Something for us to definitely keep our eyes on, especially with some of the smaller and more innovative players like EndForce.


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