Avoid Symantec appliances, says Gartner


Companies should avoid investing in Symantec‘s network security appliances, and should evaluate offerings from other vendors, Gartner has warned.

The analyst firm said that it issued the warning because it believes that Symantec is moving away from selling network security appliances as it concentrates on “new business directions”.

Gartner’s advice comes after Symantec told some customers on 23 June that it is winding down development of the Symantec Gateway Security (SGS) and Symantec Network Security (SNS) products.

This is one of the concerns I always have when there are mass mergers with software vendors.   IMO, Symantec is a security vendor in name only, and they have primarily acquired other vendors to play in the space.  Their offerings are not significantly better than their competitors — especially over time.

In the security space, I tend to prefer the smaller players who are more focused, unless I have the type of budget necessary to deal with an ISS or RSA…

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