Automating SiteMap Generation

This whole issue of generating Google Sitemaps is not as straightforward as I thought it would be.   More precisely, there are more complications than expected for my Commmunity Server-based site.  The key is to get the links I really want into the SiteMap, while avoiding the many links that can be generated that I don’t want in there, like anything that touches Login.aspx.

So far, I’ve played with a number of different ASP scripts and online SiteMap generators, as well as two downloaded tools.  The one I’m running now is is GSiteCrawler, which happens to be free, and it shows a lot of flexibility and promise.   (Yes, I’m only testing the free stuff for now).

Once I get this thing going, I’ll set it up on a schedule to automate the submissions.   It is much easier to handle my other sites, and I was able to modify a basic ASP sitemap generation script to work for my other sites with ease.   Because it doesn’t actually crawl through the pages, it is somewhat limited, hence my ongoing testing…

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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