Apple releases new patches for 26 security flaws across its product line

On August 1st, Apple Computer released Security Update 2006-004 to fix 26 security flaws, some of them with high exploit potential, in their product line.

Here is a snippet from the IT Week posting.

Apple patches 26 security flaws – IT Week:

Apple has released a security update that repairs 26 vulnerabilities in its OS X operating system and bundled applications.

Of the patched security holes, 17 could expose the user to an arbitrary code execution.

Four of the remaining vulnerabilities could lead to disclosure of confidential information, two could cause an application to crash. A local user in three cases could exploit a flaw to gain additional user rights.

Apple doesn’t provide severity ratings for the security holes it discloses in its software. Some of the arbitrary code execution flaws would generally be considered the most severe vulnerabilities because an attacker can exploit them without any user interaction.

Please patch those Macs!!
(…and also any other OS running the apps that were patched, like QuickTime)

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