Apple Just Doesn’t Get It…

On Tuesday, Apple Computer company had an issue where a Windows-based virus was shipped on a select number of iPods, and rather than accepting blame for a mistake in their manufacturing or QA processes, they blamed Microsoft for not producing a “more robust OS“.


Not only is that an absurd deflection of blame, but as observed by a number of Information Security professionals, it shows a disturbing lack of professionalism on the part of Apple, to say nothing of a fundamental lack of computer security issues.  It would have been one thing if the malware in question had made its way into the process by exploiting some vulnerability in Windows, but we’re talking about a virus which needs to be executed by the user to initiate the infection.

This is merely an executable, not some exploit, and the nature of this specific problem is not limited to Windows.  And it’s certainly not Microsoft’s fault unless Apple contracts Microsoft to manufacture iPods for them.  (And it would still be Apple’s fault, because the product is theirs.)  I’m waiting to see who they blame when someone takes advantage in one of the many exploits in their QuickTime application — on any platform.

Several folks have similarly blogged on this issue, most notably Jonathan Poon and Ed Bott.

And here I thought that Apple was all grown up, now, and trying to make a real play for the enterprise.  I guess that “play” is still all they know how to do…

Instead of blaming Microsoft for a lack of robustness, Apple should sit and ponder why even their manufacturers and suppliers rely on the Windows platform to run their businesses, rather than OS-X and the Macintosh.

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