Adventures in Wireless Media Entertainment

I just upgraded to v0.9.56.2 of TVersity which manages the content for my wireless media player.  Around Christmas 2005, I finally obtained a wireless media player, the D-Link DSM-320.

I guess I should have looked at the TVersity site earlier, because there was a bug which would occasionally freeze my DSM-320 when playing certain video content, but I thought it was because of buggy D-Link firmware.   (I did have a fun time upgrading to v1.07 of the firmware).

Overall, though, I am very happy with the arrangement.  While I wish that the media player supported a few more streaming formats natively, I have to say that the hardware has been good — except for the one borked upgrade that resulted in an RMA — and the software has been tremendous.  I’m glad I found the TVersity software, becasue it offers far more flexibility than the native D-Link application does.

To capture the streaming video and audio, I use the Replay AV software. Nice app that comes with a flexibile, built-in scheduler, and as opposed to some of the applications that I tried previously, does not have to record via my computer’s soundcard.  This means that I can download multiple streams simultaneously, and not worry that my downloads will be affected by my own use of the computer.

The primary captures I obtain are from 3ABN, and mostly audio at that.  I have been experimenting with technology podcasts as well, with much success.

Overall, I jumped into the wireless media player game quite late, but I’m happy with the choices that have been made.  I do wish the hardware supported WPA/WPA2, rather than just WEP, but that’s a minor issue right now.

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