October 19, 2006

InfoSecurity Event next week

I’m going to attend the New York-based InfoSecurity Event on October 24 and 25.  It should be great! Registration is free (for the exhibits, at least), so if you’re into […]
October 19, 2006

Apple Just Doesn’t Get It…

On Tuesday, Apple Computer company had an issue where a Windows-based virus was shipped on a select number of iPods, and rather than accepting blame for a […]
October 18, 2006

Microsoft makes Vista concessions

Otherwise known as Vista vs the EU and the World: Part Three… Here’s a follow-up to my earlier Vista vs the World and Vista vs the Security Vendors posts, where I […]
October 18, 2006

Oracle’s Patch Updates

October 2006 is going to be a major month for Oracle.  First, the database and middleware powerhouse has made some significant changes to its patch management process. Secondly, […]
October 8, 2006

The Best and Worst of Job Interview Tips

Over the past two weeks, I have come across a number of career development and interviewing articles.  Out of this group of articles and blog entries, I […]
October 8, 2006

The NBA and the Olympics: Are they compatible?

I read this ESPN article a few months back, and I found myself wondering if the goals of the Olympics are even compatible with professional team sports? It […]
October 6, 2006

Vista vs the Security Vendors

Otherwise known as Vista vs the Selfish Security Vendors: Part Two… Here’s a follow-up to my earlier Vista vs the World post, where I noted I greatly preferred a […]
October 5, 2006

Minor System Upgrade

I was forced to upgrade one of my systems this week because the motherboard (or CPU) died.  Rather than mess around trying to figure out which specific component […]
October 4, 2006

Really, How Hard Can Email Sorting Be?

I’ve been using Microsoft Outlook for a long time — since the OL97 days, in fact — and I’ve gone through all the different incarnations of the nefarious […]
October 3, 2006

Security: Product vs People and Process

One of the hardest concepts to emphasize concerning Information Security is that people and processes are more critical to your overall security posture than products are.   […]
October 3, 2006

IT Security Confidence

I just finished reading a pretty decent CIO Insight article (with lots of research links) on the state of IT Security at a Corporate level.  It ends with the […]
October 3, 2006

A different approach to deterrence

I have to say that I find the view offered by Ted Koppel on the issue of Iran and nuclear power rather intriguing.  You have to wonder how […]
February 3, 2008

Losing Ain’t Eas

NY Giants 17, NE Patriots 14 Losing is never, ever easy, but especially not in the last game of an otherwise undefeated season.  That, however, is […]
February 3, 2008

Key Windows Updates are coming

The month of February should see the release of both Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, according to reports published by ComputerWorld, and I’m looking forward […]
February 5, 2008

Still waiting for Vista SP1

It’s always something.  On Sunday, I was pretty hyped up about the fact that Service Pack 1 for Vista was very near release, but that has been […]
February 6, 2008

Dealing with Duplicate Accounts in LinkedIn

Okay, for the next few weeks, I’ll probably be on a little LinkedIn kick, to make up for some lost time over the past few months.  The real […]
February 6, 2008

Another LinkedIn Live Event

I finally had the chance to attend another live networking event of NJ LinkedIn members, similar to the one I attended back in October. If you’re in the […]
February 21, 2008

Get your dose of Vista Service Pack 1

If you’re a 64-bit Vista user, that is…  It looks as though the users of Vista x64 can obtain Service Pack 1 via Windows Update. I’ve already […]
February 29, 2008

Random Notes on a Leap Day

I have a little bit of everything to share today. Professional Networking LinkedIn has performed quite a few upgrades in recent days, and they’ve upgraded their site […]
March 2, 2008

PowerShell News

I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to keep tabs on PowerShell, or start converting all my scripts to PowerShell, but with the official […]
March 2, 2008

My Updated LinkedIn Feature Requests

The month of February 2008 was a very busy one at LinkedIn, it seems.  A number of improvements and modifications were made to the site, including network upgrades […]
March 6, 2008

Magazine Interview for Tech Article

I recently had the privilege of being quoted for a technical article in BizTech Magazine, which is published on behalf of CDW.   This is not the first time I […]
March 6, 2008

It’s Nearing Tax Time

Don’t be a procrastinator.  File your taxes online, or use the downloadable editions of the various tax preparation software products (which is what I do), or even […]
March 9, 2008

Working for a terrible boss

Yeah, over the years I’ve had a few of those, but that’s not where I find myself today.  Instead, that’s the subject of a very interesting question […]