November 15, 2006

Windows PowerShell 1.0 Released!

In an ongoing stream of end-of-year releases from Microsoft, we’re finally able to get our hands on the RTM version of Windows PowerShell. See the PowerShell Blog for more details: For […]
November 13, 2006

Scorching Fast Video Cards

nVidia has released it’s next generation card family, the 8800 series, and the reviews are looking great!  Sure, I’m not personally going to be purchasing a $450 or $600 video card, but for […]
November 12, 2006

Recent Home Network Woes…

The annual upgrade plans for my home network have to be accelerated somewhat due to a couple of system failures I have experienced over the past few months. […]
November 8, 2006

Vista: Here it comes…

Or rather, there it goes — off to manufacturing. It will be very interesting to see how stable Windows Vista is in real-world deployments, but it is certainly is […]
November 8, 2006

Process Monitor v1.0

Process Monitor v1.0: Process Monitor is an advanced monitoring tool for Windows that shows real-time file system, Registry and process/thread activity. It combines the features of […]
November 7, 2006

Testing Blogmailr

This is my first test of Blogmailr, brought to us by Telligent: the makers of the awesome Community Server platform. I’ll have to see if this works just the way […]
November 3, 2006

Get Your Recent Microsoft Releases

Yeah, we’re still waiting on Vista and Longhorn, but Microsoft has already starting releasing some other applications since October. Step right up and get your dose of new products: […]
November 2, 2006

Microsoft Updates Vista Licensing — Again

As expected, Microsoft has softened a key element of Vista licensing, enabling (more like re-enabling, if you think about it) users to transfer their retail license from one system […]
November 2, 2006

Microsoft and Novell: The Odd Couple

The tech news is all abuzz about the announcement that Microsoft and Novell are working together on product integration, including integration between Windows and Linux technologies. Several people […]
November 2, 2006

Windows PowerShell Contest

Looks like Microsoft is hosting a PowerShell scripting contest for the next 6 or so weeks.  Time to start flexing some scripting muscles. I just took a peek […]
October 31, 2006

Microsoft Giveaway!

Microsoft is giving away free copies of Microsoft Office Accounting 2007, Express Edition.  It’s part of a Good Idea contest that they’re promoting… It’s a slow download, and who […]
October 30, 2006

Who is Clueless about Technology?

An article I read on ZDNet this week laments that fact that politicians as a group are woefully clueless about technology issues, yet keep pressing ahead with projects […]
August 30, 2007

ASPnix is an utterly worthless web host…

I don’t say this too often, but words cannot express how worthless they are.   If I were to summarize the ways in which they failed to […]
August 30, 2007

The Price of Poor Security?

Given the recent spate of breach announcements from companies like and TradeFreedom Securities Inc., I’ve been thinking about how poor security is going to impact organizations and consumers […]
September 2, 2007

Community Server Update is on the Horizon…

Service Pack 3 for Community Server 2007 is on the horizon, considering that a beta for SP3 was recently made available by the folks at Telligent.  I’m glad that I […]
September 3, 2007

What I Need From LinkedIn

As I wrote way back in May 2007 concerning LinkedIn, it is an awesome tool that greatly facilitates Professional Networking.  The LinkedIn Answers feature, for instance, is a very […]
September 9, 2007

Getting on the Oprah Winfrey Show

No, not me…  My wife.  She was able to obtain some tickets, since Oprah is going to be taping a couple of shows in New York this […]
September 12, 2007

On Being A Technology Change Agent

As I think about it, the title is probably misleading, because being a Technology Manager with change-agent responsibility is not the same as being a Technology […]
September 26, 2007

Timely Breach Disclosure

Yes, we know that information security in an interconnected world is not trivial.  We accept that configuration errors or malicious insiders or new, complex threats might […]
September 26, 2007

Can Microsoft Learn from This?

Some days it seems like Microsoft still has a lot to learn about being a team player on a global stage where customers and regulators are […]
October 3, 2007

LinkedIn Live…

On Tuesday, I went to a LinkedIn gathering that was put together by some Northern NJ members of LinkedIn.  It was a pretty decent event, and I got […]
October 4, 2007

Windows Server 2008

Lately, I’ve been so busy with processes and procedures and policies, that I haven’t had a chance to play with the upcoming version of Windows Server 2008.  […]
October 4, 2007

Update Available for Community Server 2007

The update formerly known as Service Pack 3 for Community Server 2007 was released on September 18.  It looks like this fix incorporates a bit more than a […]
October 7, 2007

Community Server 2007 Upgrades

Last week, I took the time to upgrade my corporate intranet on the latest Community Server 2007 update.  As with most CS upgrades, it was pretty quick […]